Super Max World Adventures 2020 Awesome Adventures Game

You can pass through the blocks by using control buttons on the screen and you can smash the bug easily with fire items in the game

Dont forget that some enemies can be killed when you push on them.

⭐️Let’s join the max’s wonderful world

⭐️We would be happy to see you with us

Super Max World

🐾 Super Max Boy – jungle games is a one of the best journey game

⭐ Start your journey!

🍄Super Max World Run Adventures 2020

Character Names:



🐌First: Jungle world Map

🐌second: Galaxy Run Map

🔥 So much levels and maps to be continued

Let’s goo and enjoy

25Chance to play one of the characters Of 3 different characters
🍀Different characteristics for different characters
🍀Unique enemies and dinamic obstacles
🍀More levels(soon)
🍀Wonderful animations and in game graphics
🍀Challenging enemies
🍀Classic platform game style

🐌Third: Castle World